Cars used in our Road Test Concierge service may differ from driver to driver, but all of them will be compact sedans, coupes, or hatchbacks with an automatic transmission -- don't worry, no SUVs or big ol' boat cars here! While we can't guarantee a specific make or model, some of the most common Skip Concierge cars we see are Honda Civics, Toyota Camrys, and Honda Accords.

You can rest assured that the car you will be provided with will fulfill requirements for road tests both as far as the required vehicle features and the required insurance and registration paperwork:

  • Standard safety requirements, such as working brakes, signal lights, etc.

  • Any state-specific requirements such as a manual handbrake

  • Valid registration¬†

  • Valid insurance

  • Automatic transmission

Once you're assigned a concierge, you'll be able to see concierge information, including their car model, by visiting your Skip Dashboard. If you can't log in, just reset your password, and you'll get a reset link sent to your email account. 

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