We pay once a week on Friday mornings (for work done the week prior)! You'll receive the balance via direct deposit straight into your bank account.


  • You complete 3 road tests in Week 1, and another 5 road tests in Week 2

  • On Friday of Week 2, you'll get paid for all the road tests you completed in Week 1

  • On Friday of Week 3, you'll get paid for all the road tests you completed in Week 2

Upon successful onboarding, Concierges will receive an email invitation from our third-party payment processor, Bill.com, to set up their bank account for direct deposit.

All earned payments will be deposited weekly via direct deposit on Friday for appointments completed on Monday - Saturday of the week prior.

Eligibility/Ineligibility for payouts:

  • We require all Concierges to complete a W-9 in order to be fully onboarded. Our payments processor will send you a link to complete once your information is approved. If you do not submit the W-9 to our third-party payments processor, we will be unable to release your funds for completed appointments until you have done so. If you have sent the information and are still encountering issues or have questions about the status of your payments paperwork, please reach out to finance@yogov.org for assistance.

  • If you are a Road Test Concierge and your vehicle is not cleared at the DMV test site for the exam, you may not be eligible for a payout from YoGov since the appointment was not successfully completed. You can refer to the full list of car requirements here.

  • If you show up late to an appointment, you may be ineligible for payout. We evaluate these on a case-by-case basis, but please ensure you are getting to Line Concierge appointments promptly as well as picking clients up for Road Test exams at the scheduled time.

  • If you arrive at an appointment and it can not be completed due to not having the necessary vehicle registration documentation, you will be ineligible for a payout.

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