In certain cases, Concierges are eligible for a payout if the Line Waiting Concierge booking is cancelled by the Client at the last minute, or unable to be completed through no fault of the Concierge.

  • Client Cancellation: If a Client cancels or reschedules their Line Concierge service (after 12:00am customer local time) the day it is scheduled to take place, you will be paid out the flat rate, $70 in most markets.

  • Client Mistake/DMV Issues: If the Client cannot utilize their Line Concierge appointment because of an error on their part, for example missing paperwork on their part or getting the date wrong, and you have already gone to the DMV, you will be paid out for the entire appointment.

  • Concierge Cancellation: If you as the Concierge cancel a Line Concierge booking that you previously accepted, you will not be eligible for a payout of any kind.

If you do not see a cancellation payment in your most recent payout and believe you should have received one, please contact us through the app or at hello@yogov. 

To be eligible for a payout on a canceled task, please note the following:

  • The cancellation must be fully initiated by the Customer. Scheduled services where you initiate the cancellation, you attempt to reschedule, or you show up late do not qualify for payout.

  • You must not indicate that the Line Waiting service was completed.

  • Note: If you call or text the client and they don't respond, let us know ASAP so we can contact client to confirm we have their correct phone number and email. Even if you haven't heard from client, you still need to plan to show up for the scheduled appointment. If client is a no-show, concierge will still be paid.

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