While different states have varying regulations for road test vehicles, at minimum, all vehicles should meet the following requirements:

  • Sedan/Coupe/Hatchback (at this time, we are not accepting crossovers or SUVs, as most people prefer to take their exam in a smaller vehicle)

  • 2003 or newer

  • Automatic transmission

  • Clean interior/exterior (We request that your vehicle is in good condition, safe for others, and that the interior is clean)

  • The vehicle must have current registration

  • The vehicle must be insured and the policy must identify the vehicle and expiration date

  • Appropriate license plates must be displayed on vehicle

  • Have properly functioning brake lights, turn signal lights, horn, windows that roll up and down, operable doors with inside and outside door handles, inside rear view mirror, and outside side (left/right) view mirrors properly placed

  • Have a windshield with no cracks or debris, providing an unobstructed field of vision and nothing hanging from the rearview mirror

  • Have tires that are in good condition and properly inflated. Spare (donut) tires are not acceptable

  • Have no service or warning lights illuminated on dashboard, including low gasĀ 

If you are live in or near Massachusetts, New Jersey, or Washington DC, you will need to meet the following additional requirements to be able to take clients in those states:

  • Have an emergency handbrake in the center console of your vehicle (between driver and passenger)

If you have a scheduled appointment and find one of these issues present and unable to be resolved before the scheduled appointment time, please reach out to us via chat in the app or email hello@yogov.org immediately.

If you attempt to complete an appointment and the vehicle is declined because of one of the issues mentioned above, you may be ineligible for payment on the appointment.

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