We pay a flat rate per road test.

In the YoGov Concierge app, you will see a list of available road test trips in your area along with the date and time, pickup address, road test site address, and the flat rate payout amount for the trip. 

The trips are first come first serve, so you may select any that you'd like to accept!

From pickup to dropoff, an average trip takes 2-3 hours. For example, you may see a road test that pays $70, and you can decide if it fits your schedule and is convenient for you to travel to.

Sometimes you will see payouts that are higher than normal. We may increase the pay for a trip if it is far away from all of our Concierges in a city, as we understand you will have extra travel time.

Also, some clients book an extra 1 or 2 hours of warmup time in the vehicle before their test, which increases your payout and the time each trip takes.

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